Quarterly Report
January - March 2014


In the first quarter of 2014 we have been providing services for the elderly in the following locations in the counties of Bacau and Vaslui:

  1. Averesti Bunesti (Vaslui)
  2. Colonesti
  3. Dealu Morii
  4. Gaiceana
  5. Glavanesti
  6. Huruiesti
  7. Motoseni
  8. P. Turcului
  9. Rachitoasa
  10. Stanisesti
  11. Vultureni

The main activities are:

  • Home Care
  • Health Care (in Glavanesti)
  • Social Care
  • Community Transport

The project home care team consists of 65 people, covering all the locations mentioned above , including 5 volunteers (2 nurses and 3social/ community workers):

The care team provided integrated services to 486 elderly.


  • Meetings with mayors and GPs from the target communities for the efficient implementation of the project. Meetings with representatives of the local authorities in the 11 communities in order to cover as much as possible of the needs of the elderly: heating, repairs in the home, social benefits etc.
  • Monitoring visit from the County Agency of Social Benefits (AJPS).
  • The most important event for our project was being broadcasted part of the TV coverage "I Love You, Romania" on the national channel PRO_TV. The host of the show, Paula Herlo agreed to carry out an ample documentary on home care services for the elderly. Furthermore, she initiated a campaign to improve legislation and services for the elderly.
  • FSC is part of the "SENIORINET", a network of NGOs aiming to improve the lives of the elderly. In February we participated in the "Strategic Planning" Workshop, in Miercurea Ciuc, where the members met, discussed roles and responsibilities and priorities future events.


  • The main challenge for most of our service- users is loneliness and poverty.
  • Lack of incontinence products represents a serious problem, as the team puts in a lot of effort to keep the incontinent patients in sanitary conditions.
  • The local care teams need to have a nurse in each community
  • There continue to be several cases where the carer cannot prepare food for the elderly because the latter ones do not have money to buy basic ingredients, and they are in needs of basics: oil, flour, tomato paste, sugar, rice etc.
  • There are also a lot of beneficiaries of home care who are in need dire of adequate bedding and sleeping items (mattresses, pillows, duvets, sheets etc).


  • Updating the database with all new or current beneficiaries and services;
  • Monthly visits to each care team for supervision and monitoring;
  • Providing material support: diapers cleaning products, clothing, bedding etc
  • Monthly meetings with social worker/ community care workers and nurses.
  • Starting a new qualification course on Home Care for the Elderly for people from Buhusi and other rural areas.


Elena Ungureanu
Program Supervisor



In the rural area of Vultureni, Ghilavesti village, travelling a very rough road, we eventually reach the home of Mrs D A, a widow for many years, with no children.

She is 85 now, and still an optimist, hoping to enjoy some good days still. The carer visits her three times a week and helps with the cleaning, the food preparation, chopping fire wood and carrying fresh water from the well etc.

For Mrs D. A life has not been easy since she remained on her own. And 85 it is not easy for her to do all the things around the house as she used to. She feels bad that she is no longer able to look after the garden, grow vegetables and work the land. Her age and health prevent her from all that.

Her house is just one room, in dire need of painting and cleaning, which she woulr really like.

She lives on a pension of 350 lei, hardly enough to cover for the electricity, fire wood, medicines or food ...

The road to her house, rough most of the times, is blocked in the winter, same as in the last years, she was isolated, and she hardly believed it that we managed to reach her and comfort her at hard times.

Old age has lots of hard times to offer...