Milly Village - Care Home for the Seniors

Quarterly Report
January-March 2014



  • 35 elderly benefited from the services offered in the Milly Residential Complex.
  • Visit from the Fire Department for authorisation
  • Celebrating the Union Day in January
  • Celebrating Motherís Day


Direct beneficiaries: 35 elderly aged 58 to 95;

Indirect beneficiaries: families, friends, neighbours, the local community


Basic Care

  • There are 35 residents in the complex, with various affections who receive services for rehabilitation and maintaining the health status.
  • The representatives of the Fire Department have assessed the standards of the complex in order to release authorisation. There was also a fire drill for the entire staff, focusing on using the fire equipment and mobilising the patients.
  • On the 24th of January 2014 the residents of the complex celebrated Union Day with an artistic moment, including singing, dancing and guests from FSC management, neighbours, family members and others. In the large yard of the complex, we organised a nice cooking fire for the traditional "borsch" and beans with smoked pork
  • For Motherís Day we treated the ladies with hair styling and pampering, and everyone received a bouquet of flowers and a card. Some of the ladies baked some cakes, including the speciality of the house Ė the Milly cake.

The Garden

  • Once the snow has gone and spring seemed to arrive, we set to prepare the land for planting vegetables. We sown alfalfa on a large portion of the land

The Farm

  • Four new billy goats are now residents in our farm, next to the cow, pony, older goats, a pig and several hens. This means a better source of food for our residents, consisting from the milk, eggs and meat of the animals raised here, on local grass.


  • Every resident is celebrated on their birthday, receiving wishes from all the others, a meal with the loved ones and flowers.

Occupational and Speech Therapy

  • OT plays an important part in our activity, providing various means for the elderly to feel useful and enjoy daily activities: walks, creative clubs, the 5 clock tea and story time. 5 of our residents take part in speech therapy session to restore language abilities following stokes.

Physical Therapy

  • The physical therapy sessions come to complete the rehabilitation or maintenance of the health status of the residents. Some have quick progress in a few sessions, while other work hard to achieve a step on their own.

Health Care

  • Every morning the nurse measures the blood pressure, sugar level, temperature and general tonus of the body, writing the data in the personal files; they also administer treatments, following the doctorís orders, provide counselling to the elderly and family members and offer first aid in need.


  • The residential complex provides services with a team of 19 employees, always ready to help with a smile on their faces. 5 people were on sick leave during this period.
  • Given the increasing number of requests during the last period of time, FSC organises another class for training as carers for the elderly, due to start after the Easter period.


  • On the 10th of each month our staff prints a newsletter with the most important events and activities. The facebook page has a lot of friends who follow our activity.


  • The FSC team has installed poles from the main street to the residential complex for higher quality phone and cable signal.
  • We also had to install a fake plaster ceiling required by the fire fighting department.
  • The rooms have new double glazing windows, more access ramps were created towards the farm and the garden.


  • We have received visits from the representatives of local authorities and institutions who want to see a good practice model in order to have similar initiatives in Vaslui, Iasi and Roman.
  • Specialists from the UK and France visited our complex on experience exchanges.


  • "How are your parents?"- the theme of a popular TV coverage on the PRO Tv channel included presentations of good practice from our residential home. The Milly Village is a warm and peaceful place where the elderly can enjoy pleasant days. The TV show also focuses on maintaining ties between the elderly and their families, wherever these may be.


  • The Pambac Company offers monthly supplies of flour, wheat and bran. We also receive fish recipes from Bonito.
  • Some of the family members of the residents indicated that they want to direct 2 % of their tax to FSC, to be used in the Milly. Village- for a TV set and other necessary items for the residents.


  • Given the poor health status of some of our residents, the more difficult cases needed to be admitted to hospital for specialised interventions or tests. We work very well with the local Buhusi Hospital to the best outcomes for the elderly.


  • 12th of May Celebrating Easter in the Romanian tradition
  • Organising a trip to 3 Monasteries in Neamt County.
  • Providing services at high standards
  • Providing practice placements for the class of people training to qualify as carers for the elderly.


Lenuta Nastac
Programme Coordinator