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Our training programmes

Over the past years, we have run over 100 training programmes to train staff from Romanian institutions and other charities in our methods.

We have been very fortunate in the specialist practitioners from the following organizations who have helped in our own training and in contributing to our training courses:

Action Space Mobile

Muzika Charitable Trust

Music as Therapy

If you would like to find out more about our training programmes and our training schedule in Romania, please contact us.


We feel this model could be very useful in other former communist Eastern European countries where there are similar problem of basic lack of care, stimulation and neglect in adult and childrens institutions.

We invite enquiries from anyone about how we could help Impart the model into other countries.

Please contact us


Check out our new mini film about how our Impart programme brings life giving art therapy to institutions for the disabled in Romania

Training Manual

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manual cover 2

We have published a step-by-step practical guide to introducing music, art, movement and play programmes into institutions.

It is an attempt to define what we believe to be a highly appropriate model for intervention.

The manual also explores the background of institutionalization in Romania, the human rights issues and much more.

If you would like a copy, please contact us. It is available in Romanian and English.

The Romanian version is free to Romanian applicants.

Copies may also be given for no charge to enquirers from other countries who are interested in developing this work in their countries

The English version costs £10 + postage

The First National Conference on "Creativity and Human Rights in Therapy, Education and Play"

was held in Bacau, Romania 27/28 March 2003.

Read the conference report


"We were amazed at the difference your programme made to our deaf/blind children.

We had no idea such methods existed.

We are so happy for them"


Note: Since the conference the formation of a National Network to take this initiative forward has progressed with the succesful launch of the magazine, Impreuna


The second National Conference in November 2004 was sponsored by the British Embassy of Romania

Watch this space for a report of the event

IMPREUNA Issue 2 April 04


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