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Personal Stories

AnicaAnica is 82 years old and lives in a very isolated village. She is an ex-nun who was expelled from her convent and sent back to her native village with the advent of Communism.

It took her 4 years to build her little 1 roomed house 40 years ago with her brother. She lives alone and now has no family.

Before she was seen by our staff, Anica had no income whatsoever. Our social worker has managed to negotiate a small pension for her. She also owns 1.5 hectares of land - which she can no longer work - which she leases out and receives some food in payment.

AnicaAnica has heart failure, scoliosis and arthritis leaving her with very limited mobility.

Our carer visits her every day - fetches wood and water, lights the stove, cleans and _prepares food for Anica and helps her to wash. _She was referred to us by the village priest.

Anica is also visited weekly by our nurse who monitors her general state of health and has registered her with a doctor. We also provide social assistance, counselling and material help such as food and cleaning materials.

Anica told us recently that her life had been transformed and her health is much better.

She is pictured above adding to her list of carers and funders for whom she prays three times a day.


birthday partyThis mother and daughter have a tragic history.

The daughter, Eleonora, suffered a severe head injury which has left her half paralyised.

She is pictured at a recent birthday party the staff held for her, sitting with her mother and our speech therapist

Her mother, Emilia, has heart failure, chronic varicose ulcers on both legs, high blood pressure and fluid on the lungs.

They have multiple needs which are supplied in a daily programme by our home care team.

Though Eleonora was paralysed down one side after her injury, after 6 months of physiotherapy, she now manages to walk and can even climb stairs. She takes little walks and attends our day centre twice a week.

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