Our Charity Shops

Benefits To Landords of Temporary Charity Shops

We give security from squatters and vandals. This can save hundreds of pounds a week in security costs.

The incoming deal is protected - there is no risk of delay or your management time taken up by unnecessary legal proceedings.

There is also no risk of your suffering the considerable legal costs of eviction proceedings - apparently these can add up to £4000 or more.

We look after the property for you.

We keep the rats and pigeons out.

You get protection from unchecked leaks etc at no cost.

You can save valuable time required for attended viewings by causal enquirers. We can attend viewings by incoming tenants and contractors during trading hours - arranged with only a quick call.

The premises don't deteriorate into the usual tatty bill poster display, with the front door used as a public lavatory. (The resulting mess can surely only put you on the back foot when it comes to negotiating?).

We keep the shop looking smart and tidy.

You can see pictures of a typical shop here

You might even strengthen your negotiating position because the high levels of charity shop browsers means a prospective tenant will see makes the unit look much more attractive than if it was empty.

Everyone will know where the keys are at all times - saving time and effort plus money on expensive locksmiths.

We ensure a straight handover with the incoming tenant or builders ie there is no chance of squatters intervening during the day or two the unit is vacant - as so often happens.

Our occupation is easily arranged with only a couple of phone calls. All you really need is our signature on our ready-made licence agreement (draft below) and we can pick up the keys.

If you need to change your mind, for whatever reason, that is no problem. It is our risk. Simply give us 48 hours notice and we will leave the property in a tidy state without fuss. For proof of this please refer to our excellent references (please see below).


Please contact

Edward Parry
Relief Fund for Romania
Phone 020 8761 2277


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