Our Charity Shops

Landlord and Agent's References

We are pleased to be able to offer the following references.

SGP Property Ltd.
Contact: G. Ogg Esq. Tel 0116 201 6800 Fax 0116 201 6996

Tindale Poole
Contact: Mark Tindale. Tel: 020 7290 8962

Contact: James Rayner. Tel: 020 7182 2574

Julian Lewis and Co
Contact: Julian Lewis. Tel: 020 8445 8808

David Menzies Associates
Contact: Nicholas J Menzies. Tel: 020 7491 7777

Brian Cradick & Co
Contact: Steven Cradick Tel: 01892 515 001

We have enjoyed a long relationship with the above and I’m sure they will confirm our reliability re. vacating at very short notice, arranging viewings and paying outstanding bills etc.

If you would like any other references please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Please contact

Edward Parry
Relief Fund for Romania
Phone 020 8761 2277


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