The Daniel Centre - for the disabled

Please note that this is a legacy project that we are no longer active with. We are leaving it online for the record

Daniel Popa was a young Romanian boy who died tragically young after a long illness resulting from a vaccine accident, which had left him severely disabled.

His mother, Mrs Marioara Popa, has worked tirelessly ever since to try and improve the lot of children with disabilities in her region , by setting up a centre named after her son.

The Daniel Centre is now a dynamic centre of excellence which acts as a day care centre and a support service for families with disabled children.

It offers a rehabilitation programme of:

- physiotherapy

- cognitive therapy

- speech therapy

- play therapy

- family counselling

- basic computer training

One of its principal roles is helping to prevent the children being sent to the state institutions where their families sincerely believe they will have a better life. Sadly they seldom do.

The centre also operates an employment programme for disabled teenagers, focusing on teaching computer and IT skills plus intensive training on how to secure a job.

We fund the major part of their essential running costs.

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