Glue Clubs

"Arts, education and fun for children in poor areas - they love it and the stick with it!"

This is an integrated model of educational services, aiming for long term results. It stems from the concept of early intervention and support into adulthood, for a very disadvantaged category of the population.

These children, coming from families with no education, no employment opportunity, living in villages without infrastructure, and access to basic services, can come and access better opportunities of leisure and educational out-of- school activities.

The children are encouraged to attend the centres from nursery, in order to have good school results and motivation for learning. When they finish secondary school, if they have achieved well, they receive grants to go to high school.

During high school, they receive support and counselling and even preparation to access employment.

The centres offer a wide range of services, including special ones for parents and even teaching staff.

Integrated services for children and families- due to the very concerning situation of national education, where the percentage of children dropping out of education or failing to go onto higher education is significant, FSC opened 5 Rural Educational Centres, in Vultureni, Podu Turcului, Stanisesti, Motoseni and Dealu Morii

THE "Glue Clubs":

  1. Glue Club Godinesti, Vultureni- built on a project in partnership with the Local Authority Vultureni, has a large yard with outdoors play area, and the building hosts activity rooms, the computer room and the library etc.
  2. Glue Club Podu Turcului- the building is a free lease from the County Council, contains activity rooms, computer room, kitchen and office area, an outdoors play area and a terrace, and a big size yard.
  3. Glue Club Panu (com Stanisesti) started in 2006, in a derelict annex of the school. From 2010, thanks for funding from OMV Petrom we built a new centre, in the same location, so that there is more room for all the beneficiaries.
  4. Glue Club Fantanele, Motoseni- open in 2010, in a building provided by the local authority; it hosts the village nursery, activity and office rooms, computer room and a small folk museum.
  5. Glue Club Dealu Morii- open in 2012, in a building provided by the Local Authority; it has a large yard, activity room and kitchen, office area and computer room.

The Mozaic Centre in Bacau provides similar opportunities for the disadvantaged children of the poor neighbourhood, in a building including activity rooms, computer rooms, office space and a nice yard.

Our main services:

  • Educational and recreational activities in the Glue Clubs- the children benefit of trained staff, good quality materials and a lot of stimulating activities
  • Counselling and Information for young people in the last year of secondary school- free information brochure on high school life and its challenges
  • Scholarships for high school students from rural areas- this means not only financial support but also counselling and support in adjusting to life in the city.
  • Workshops for teaching staff
  • Material support ( food, clothing, showers)

Our special projects:

  • Summer schools in rural areas- the project is beneficial not only to the children and young people from rural areas, but also to the volunteers from Bacau and also from the UK, who support our programs
  • Summer camps and trips- the children have more life experience outside the limits of the village life.
  • The Christmas Campaign- Santa comes to all the children who attend the centre.

Story 1- Mozaic- Bacau

Here is one of the many stories we work with at the centre:

Simona R, 12 years old, now in sixth grade at the local school, has not had the easiest childhood, and things are not looking bright for the future either.

She is the youngest child of the family, and her elder sister, living with her partner, has two children of her own.

They all live in a 1 bedroom flat, 7 people, with hardly any room for each to feel comfortable and have individual space. The adults are unemployed and they have been accumulating such arrears to their utilities that they have been evicted and moved several times since.

For Simona, the centre was the best environment. Here, not only she can play and do homework, but also have a meal every day and go on trips or outings when possible.

Simona has been coming for over three years now, and attending the centre helped her greatly to develop her confidence and also her academic achievements.

Through the centre, she accessed counselling and she was also seen by a paediatrician for health problems. The family receives donations of clothing and food whenever possible.

She is always very happy to be here, with a shy smile on her face, making friends and enjoying the stability and comfort of the place.

Story 2- Vultureni

Laura S - An investment returned to the community

Laura was in the last year of secondary school when the local Glue Club was open, but she enjoyed coming and took part in all the activities. She is the eldest of the 3 children in the family. She could only attend high school in Bacau as she wanted only with large sacrifices from the family and with a scholarship from FSC, to cover for the cost of boarding, transport and other necessities.

During high school, Laura became involved in all the activities implemented by FSC for the young people, acting as an informal leader for the others, while keeping focused on her studies as well. She successfully graduated high school and wanted to study Education Sciences, but she could not afford the costs, as she has two younger brothers in high school in Bacau.

For all the skills and qualities she showed during high school, Laura seemed like the right candidate when the Glue Club in her community needed a new educator, as she had first-hand experience and also high motivation to learn more and develop herself professionally.

At present, Laura is a member of the FSC team, giving to the young ones not just knowledge and information, but also the warmth and enthusiasm that’s needed to succeed.

Story 3- Stanisesti

Adrian A- "the way forward is going back"

"I have just finished high school thanks to the support of FSC. I have received a scholarship from them for four years, as I am the oldest child of three in a family with no income when I started high school. I know of FSC for much longer than that, as I went to the Glue Club in my village ever since it opened.

The staff there were very supportive and helped me a lot, especially as I have a hearing impairment and I needed a bit of extra support to keep up in school.

Their efforts have not been in vain, I was accepted in a good high school in Bacau and this gives me better opportunities to succeed in file.

Looking back, I really want to help others as I have been helped, share my experiences and motivate them to learn in order to succeed.

In the Centre I want to start a project I call “A model in life”, to give the children from my village skills and crafts for their future, more precisely, I want to involve them in cooking clubs (I specialised in this in high school), painting, woodcrafts, making baskets of willow sticks and other materials etc. I have not only studied about these but I also have a lot of experience from being a volunteer for FSC in my spare time.

I feel these activities are very useful for the many boys and girls who come to the centre and need to develop their personalities and independent skills. This means preserving traditions, crafts and the cultural identity of the area.

In a few years’ time, I hope I will be able to train a nurse and do even more for the people in my community."

Story 4- Social Grants

Adina C. – one step closer to a dream

She comes from a hard working family of people farming the land for all their lives. She has an older brother who went to the university to become a doctor, meaning that for Adina there was little money left to attend high school. Thanks to the scholarship received from FSC, she graduated from high school with very good grades and was admitted to the University herself, to become a doctor in her own rights. We referred her to a pharmaceutical company for a scholarship, and provided the occasional support when necessary.

Adina has completed two years, is now in the third and is looking forward to start full time the practice in hospital, to feel closer and more prepared to the job!

Story 5- Social Grants

Sorin L. became our beneficiary in 2009, being referred for a scholarship by one of his teachers. Despite coming from a numerous roma family without any income or education and also suffering from a serious hearing impairment, he has shown incredible determination and commitment throughout high school. He did not excel in many subjects, but he received awards in the national Romani contest.

He learned to take care of himself very early on in life and also to look after his family and therefore he wanted to become a doctor, applying and being admitted to the university in 2011. He is now in his third year, still receiving some support from FSC when his circumstances are difficult.


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