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Read why Romania still needs help


What your money could achieve

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Give your used Printer Cartridges / Old Mobiles for recycling

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This is the quickest and simplest way to give your support.

All of our work targets the poorest of the poor.

Here are some examples of the good your money can do:

may not buy a lot on it's own - but when added to our crisis fund for the destitute it can have a huge impact.

£20 maintains vital independence for an elderly, ill person by providing nursing and care in their own home.

£50 funds a "Back to School Pack" (haircut, clothing, footwear,schoolbag and materials), enabling a former street child to start a new life with dignity.

£100 can fund a sustainable "family intervention plan" to rescue a family from the poverty trap and get the children back to school.

Any donation you could give, large or small, will make a real difference to someone in need in Romania.

You could make a quick donation now

Or you could give a modest amount on a regular basis. Even a fraction of the price of your daily newspaper could make a huge difference to many lives in Romania.

There are two good reasons for this. Firstly we want to ensure a long-term future for our Romanian friends.

Giving regularly also means the charity could increase the value of your gift by nearly one third at no extra cost to you.

This is because the UK's Inland Revenue will usually refund the tax you have already paid on your donations (see table below).

We guarantee that 100% of any donation from a member of the public goes directly to Romania (This is because our administration costs are funded separately).

We were the first charity in the UK to be awarded a Seal of Approval by the Accrediting Bureau of Fundraising Organisations, an initiative which involves detailed examination of a charity's work, accounts and administration systems, to show that we are fully accountable.

What Your Monthly Gift Is Worth


You Give
Inland Revenue Add
Total Result

(The above is based on tax at 23p in the £)

To get this extra money, all you have to do is complete a Gift Aid Declaration.

If you do not pay basic tax, don't worry! You can support us with a regular or one-off donation.

If you pay the higher rate tax, you can claim some of the tax back yourself.

Please contact us for details


You can also help by
supporting our charity shops

(London and the South East of England)

· Donate used clothing, books, china, bric a brac

· By offering volunteer help

· With your custom

Please contact us for details

Get Sponsored!

Do a sponsored event and nominate the Relief Fund as your beneficiary charity

Now it's even easier

Use to collect your sponsorship money quickly and easily online with your own personalised webpages.

Friends and family will be able to donate online with a credit or debit card – so no more running around with paper sponsorship forms, or chasing cheques and cash after your event.

To set up your page today visit


Leave the Poor in Romania Something in Your Will

Leaving a will is an essential thing to do. It doesn't matter how wealthy you are, making a proper will saves your family a huge headache, not to mention legal fees to sort things out.

Please remember the less fortunate in Romania when making your will. Your kind legacy will make a real difference to real people. It won't sit in our bank account paying salaries in the UK.


Please contact us for further details


Recycling Appeal

We can make money from used printer / photocopier cartridges and old mobile phones.

All you have to do is collect them.

We'll send you a freepost envelope to send them in.

Ideally you could start a long term collection at work.

Please contact us for further details



If you would like to make a quick secure donation to help those in need in Romania please click here