IMPART Project - Arts Therapy for the Disabled

For children and adults with special needs

IMPART Project
Quarterly Project Field Report
April – June 2007


IMPART applied and won a grant from the County Council of Bacau, a project in partnership with DGASPC Bacau.

The team will run direct work with the beneficiaries in 6 institutions for both adults and children in Bacau county: CRRPH Ungureni, Buhusi hospital- psychiatry unit, CP Condorul, C.P. Ghiocelul, Centrul Daniel, Casa Pistruiatul. The team will deliver 4 sessions of training for the staff. The project lasts 6 months starting with June.

IMPART ran 3 other paid trainings, with beneficiaries of 3 different institutions: 2 in Bucharest and one in Calarasi county. Lili Bitleanu went weekly at Buhusi to work directly with beneficiaries. The rest of the team unfolded activities with children at Pistruiatul House (see Report of Pistruiatul House).

The whole team was involved in different activities carried out by FSC: 2% campaigne, organizing 10 years of FSC, the ONG’s Fair.

Within the network we printed out the 10 th issue of Impreuna, we made the integral correction of the data base and all members were posted on the site of the network. We continued the regional seminars within the network: Bucuresti and Cluj. The Site of the network was transformed with the help of Daniel Hristea in a more interactive tool. We sent e-bulletins to the members of the network that have email addresses.

At the end of June PiticArt programme was officially closed as kindergartens have started their summer holiday.

Petcu C. took part into 2 meetings: FDSC training in advocacy and a meeting with FONPC on social contracting.


· Impart: Direct work with beneficiaries (Buhusi)
Objective accomplished
· Impart: Work with children at Pistruiatul House
Objective accomplished
· Impart: activities within PiticArt
Objective accomplished
· Impart: Accreditation of Combined Arts Worker
Objective to be accomplished
· Impart: Delivering training in the domain of combined Arts
Objective accomplished

· Network: Sending e-bulletins on the discussion forum
Objective accomplished
· Network: Organizing regional seminars
Objective accomplished

· Network: correction on Data Base and posting members on the site :
Objective accomplished

· Network: Publishing the Impreuna network:
Objective accomplished


Beneficiaries direct work Trainee

Adult Children Beneficiaries
April 25 16
Mai 25 16 25
June ** 10 66

TOTAL 50 42 91 183


1. Direct work with beneficiaries (Buhusi)

Lili Bitleanu works with the beneficiaries of the psychiatry unit at Buhusi hospital. The programme is the already known one, 2 times a week, Thursday and Friday. Ms Gabi Achihai paid a visit at the hospital to asses the situation and think about the help that can be offered by FSC. As a result of this visit and meeting with the director of the hospital a Dutch association was contacted that sent many important material supplies: washing machines, bathtubs, canned food, and FSC offered drugs.

2. Work with children at Pistruiatul House
IMPART team unfolds educative activities, though arts, with the children and gets involved in other administrative activities from this location. ( see Pistruiatul House report)

3. Delivering training in Combined Arts Tehniques

After the promotion of IMPART’s course in various ways, some other 3 state institutions asked for our short 3 day- training (a fee of 600 E/ course).

The first course was held at the special school no. 4 (children with special needs) in Bucharest, in may (12-14 04). 25 persons took part into it, employees that work directly with beneficiaries: educational teachers, speech therapists, psychologists, instructors of education.

In the beginning of June (4-6 06) took place the second course, for an Educational centre, with the help of DGASPC Calarasi. Basically it was attended by staff working at special schools. There were 25 trainees.

Between 18- 20 of June took place the third course for the Special school no. 8 in Bucharest. The DGASPC also sent 5 people at training. There were 41 persons on the whole and the amount of money they paid was 720 Euro.

State institutions still show interest in our course and have the wish to train the staff working direct with the disabled persons.

4. Running activities for piticArt

PiticArt programe is now ended. Kindergartens are now on summer vacation. Anyway the activity was diminished starting with the middle of May as children often leave this period on different trips. At the beginning of July we shall make a financial and assessment report of the activity. On the whole the activity functioned; the only difficulty was a bad article in a local newspaper that aimed in general the activities that were run at Kindergarten no. 18 that also quoted PiticArt, but without saying its name, only a few of our work techniques considered a threat to kids. It was a false statement with no proof in reality but as a result one kindergarten gave up on us, and no. 18 diminished its group and the frequency of PiticArt classes.

Kindergarten no. 12 it is the only one that had no problems, both the director and parents supported us. No 30. due to the sponsorship we gave back increased the no. of children attending. No. 33 reduced during the last quarter their no. of children as they started other new activities.

Up to this moment except for an arrear from no. 30, and two owed sponsorships, all financial relationships are closed and solved.

During the presented months we were paid with the total sum of : 4648 lei ( in this sum we also have payments of the older dates). After the financial reports we will establish if we continue this programme in order to sign again the partnership with the inspectorate.

5. Accreditation of the Combined Arts Worker

By the 14 th of July we shall send to the CNFPA the other sections of the occupational units. They will be rewritten while watching live the activities ran by IMPART, as part of the grant.

6. Sending e-bulletins on the discussion forum
We sent out 12 e-bulletins during this period. Messages are taken from the official information offered by different collaborators and all kind of group of discussions.

During this period we accomplished some activities and objectives that were part of the development plan of the network that was made up last quarter together with Daniel Hristea.

7. Regional seminars

2 other local seminars were held: the first one in Bucharest, on the 20th of April, at the French institute hall, venue offered kindly by the FONPC network, and the second one in Cluj, at a nice conferences venue.

In Bucharest there were 53 persons from: Braila, Calarasi, Ialomita, Tulcea, Bucuresti , Constanta counties. Although D.G.A.S.P.C. Giurgiu was invited no one came. Most participants came from the state institutions and most of them are involved in direct work with the disabled or coordinate a centre or programme in the domain.

The topics were: Art activities in their institutions, The qualification of combined arts worker, the network ways to develop.

This was followed by all kind of presentations and discussions as part of the first theme: "The arts activities- the model practiced in our institutions”. Here we can mention: Andrei Marcela, Chance for Life, Bucuresti- Drama, Armean Mariana World Vision Bucuresti- Arts for everybody, Burnichi Marinela, Chi Ro, Constanta- Arts activities, Silviu Ionita FICF Bucuresti- The arts- means to self discovering and self expression, Luminare Mihaela Special school Bucuresti- Art therapy a way to improve the quality of life, as well as the progress of the human health, Nastac Elena, FSC Bacau – Combined arts techniques model of IMPART, Stinga Cornel, Creativ, Bucuresti- Play techniques, Rotescu Anca, Concept, Bucuresti- The project of occupational standard for the Art therapist”.

Participants were interested, and easily became interactive, after every each presentation. At the end, in order to thank us for having invited her, the coordinator of a state centre made a short ad-hoc presentation of their arts activities.

As a general view the arts, as they were presented here, are practiced and understood as being useful at a large extent. The practitioners were either psychologists, special professors, or actors that specialised BUT we here talk about those from Bucuresti. The other participants did not talk at length about their art activities as they were new invitees.

The second seminar took place in Cluj and about 45 persons attended ( out of 60 that were invited) from Cluj, Alba, Bihor, Salaj, Bistrita Nasaud counties. A large part of them came from DGASPC area (either from the institution itself or from their subordinated centers), many of them had a direct contact with the network for the first time but they received the Impreuna newsletter. The meeting started at 11.00 clock and ended at 15.00.

The topics were: Art activities in their institutions, the qualification of combined arts worker, the network ways to develop and the new interactive site of the network.
Unfortunately there are not many NGO s working through arts in the area nor centers, and only 2 speakers submitted. Both from NGOs: Barbu Gabriela– Special Maltez kindergarten that spoke about the value of the play for the disabled children, and the centre for disabled adults “Sf. Maria” with a lot of activities through arts. Also Impart programmes was presented. The participants were very interested in training and the newsletter. In the end the new site was presented.

8. Data base and the site

During this period, according to the objectives, we made the correction of the data base. The members were called, asked about their contact dates and a few other things like whether they receive the newsletter and what email they have.

Most of the members had the right contact information. Yet there is about 10% percent that do not work in the same institution (in which case we asked another contact person) and that could not be tracked down. There are cases when the centers or NGO’s themselves were closed down or diminished their activity, having fewer employees.

All those with correct address received Impreuna newsletter. But most of the members (and here we speak a lot about those persons from state centers) do not have an email address as they do not have an infrastructure or personal emails. At this moment we have 673 members (including the UK members). Next step was that we created a page for each member on the site and they were all posted on the site as part of a data base, giving the minimum information about them. We also created a letter that will be sent out with the newsletter 10, containing the information to log in to their page on the site.

9. Impreuna Newsletter

The newsletter was printed in a new format much cheaper that allowed us to have 2000 copies. They will be sent out together with letter we described previously. Each member will receive 2 or more copies from now on.



1. Taking part into the 2% campaigne for Easter:
IMPART team was present at the promotional activities made by FSC for the 2% option. The team went in the street with the gymnastics apparatus for 2 days in the large park of Bacau and with the puppets theatre.

2. Involving in the ONG fair in Bacau :
The team took care of the adornment of the FSC exhibition and handcrafted all kind of objects.

3. Organizing the 10 years of FSC meeting:
The team handled the organizing of this event setting the location, the activities to be done so on.

4. Taking part into the Advocacy course

Between 23- 26 of june , Petcu C participated at the second course of Advocacy held by FDSC at Siania. Trainer was a Romanian specialist and we built the communication strategy for social contracting. FSC suggested a few god ideas that will be part of the communication plan: the parliament open day, site promotion, and top meetings with the authorities. We are still waiting for the events calendar from FDSC.

5.Taking part at the meeting on social contracting held by FONPC

Between 18 -20 of June Petcu C. was delegated to participate at a second work meeting unfolded in Bucharest by the NGOs in the child protection, on the topic of social contracting. They had an invitee from France, a specialist in social contracting that compared the work models and tried to answer to some issues the Romanian context raises. At this stage we discussed about the rights of the beneficiaries and their role and ways to involve them in social contracting. FONPC will send to all participants and other partner NGOs a questionnaire that we must fill in with all the good practices in involving the beneficiaries as self decision makers

-During this period we have the team annual holidays:
Lili Bitleanu- 2 July - 2 august
Lenuta Birgu: 15 august- 28 August
Elena Natsac : 16 July - 16 august
Iustina Ghiurca: 16 July - 2 august
Mariana Diosteanu: 01 august- 30 august
Petcu Cornelia: in august

-Activities as part of the grant from the County Council (direct work and courses)
-Delivering training at request
-Direct work with the beneficiaries at Buhusi
-Sending out the newsletter together with the personalized lettere containing password to access web account Trimitere Reviste si scrisoare individualizata cu parola catre membrii retea.
-Editing issue no. 11 of the Impreuna
-Sending out e-bulettins, relating with members
- Submit the Occupational Standard at CNFPA
-Holidays of the team

Lenuta Nastac
Program coordinator




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