Latest review of our Charity Projects

Our long serving Director of Programmes, Julia Smyth, retired a few years ago but kindly agreed to visit the projects in Romania and report on their progress.

We are all too aware of how charities and aid groups can come into an area, spend a significant amount of time, effort and money and then move on leaving an uncertain legacy.

We asked Julia to look at the impact of our work over the long term to see what we and others could learn from the experience.

We are happy to put this online "warts and all" both for our funders and supporters but also in the hope that it contributes in some way to the debate on aid intervention.


Executive Summary

Budimex Children's Hospital

Care of the Elderly Review

"Glue Clubs" - Education for Childreen in Remote Rural Areas

Mobile Healthcare

Street Children

Volunteering Project

Bacau / Urban Care for the Elderly

Rural Care for the Elderly

FSC Volunteer Project Profile