LICENSEE : Relief Fund for Romania Ltd. of 18 Fitzhardinge Street, London, W1H 6EQ

LICENCE : The licence fee shall be waived in accordance with the licensor's support for the charitable use of the premises.

USE : The premises shall be used for the purposes of the retail sale of items to raise funds and meet charitable objectives.


1. OUTGOINGS : The licensee shall be responsible for the payment of its
use of rates, gas, electricity and water.

2. REPAIR: The licensee shall be responsible for all internal repairs and decoration, together with responsibility for the shop front and all works found necessary to adapt and fit out the premises for the proposed use.

3. ASSIGNMENT AND SUBLETTING: The licensee shall not assign or sublet the premises or any part thereof. The licensee shall not grant any franchise or rights to any third party to sell or display within the premises, or advertise goods from the premises, unless specifically approved in writing by the licensor.

4. INTERNAL DISPLAY: The licensee shall maintain a window display at all times to a standard appropriate for the property and keep the premises clean and clean windows externally and internally at all times.

5. TRADE : The licensee shall trade from the premises during normal shop hours in accordance with the hours of business of the locality.

6. ALTERATIONS : The licensee shall not without the previous consent of the licensor make any alterations, improvements or additions to the premises nor alter the external appearance of the premises.

7. TERMINATION : The licensee shall leave the premises in a clean and tidy condition and shall remove all furniture, equipment and other items brought into the premises. Any goods or items left in the premises shall, if necessary, be removed by the licensor at the expense of the licensee.

This agreement is subject to determination on 48 hours notice by either party, Saturdays Sundays and holidays excluded.

8. STORAGE OF REFUSE : The licensee shall make provision for the storage of refuse within the premises and not deposit refuse on the adjoining service road, highway or walkway and in default thereof the licensor shall have the power to remove such refuse or waste at the expense of the licensee.

9. INSURANCE : The Licensor shall insure and keep insured the
Premises against loss or damage by fire, lightning and explosion and insure the Premises against flood, including burst pipes and tanks and impact damage and such other risks as the Landlord shall consider necessary.

The Licensee is to take out cover for loss or damage to contents, fixtures and fittings.

10. EXTERNAL FITTINGS: The licensor reserve the right to affix lighting points,notices and other fittings or equipment to the exterior of the premises.

11. SIGNS : The licensee shall not erect on the exterior of
the premises any notice, nameplate, sign or advertisement other than with the consent of the licensor a sign indicating the licensee's name or business and shall not erect any mast, pole, aerial or wires.

12. STATUTORY REQUIREMENTS : The licensee shall comply with the Offices, Shops and Railways Premises Act 1963, the Fire Precautions Act 1971 and such other legislation as may apply to the use proposed.

13. PERMISSION TO ENTER: The licensee shall permit the licensor and persons authorised by them at all reasonable times to enter, survey, inspect and view the premises.

14. POSSESSION : No right of tenancy under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 is granted or implied. Vacant possession will be given at 48 hours notice by either party Saturdays Sundays and holidays excluded.

15. COSTS : The licensor's costs and expenses incurred in preparing and completing this agreement have been waived.

Signed on behalf of the Licensee.

Name............................ Signature........................
for and on behalf of the Relief Fund for Romania Ltd


Signed for Licensor..............................................



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