The Mosaic Club with Glue- a world of fun and creativity

ďArts, education and fun for children in poor areas- they love it and the stick with it!Ē

January-March 2014

The most important actions of the period:

  • As usually we started the year with a meeting at the beginning of January, looking at the achievements and challenges of the completed year( feedback from staff and beneficiaries);
  • We have regular meetings with parents and also with the supporting volunteers where we plan and discuss the activities, challenges and outcomes;
  • The staff constantly tries to balance the schedules of different age children: as some finish classes earlier than others, some have more homework than others, and they have different skills and interests
  • There are always families in need, and we have monthly requests for support from the parents who do not have enough resources to provide everything their children need. On such cases, the children always receive a meal at the centre, and extra supplies of clothing, stationery and even basic food products or other necessary items;
    • We network with schools, GPs and the Social Care Directorate in order to ensure that the parents access all the relevant services for their individual circumstances;
    • Take part in projects with other entities (schools, institutions, companies etc) in order to enhance the extracurricular activities of our young beneficiaries;
    • Get involved in special activities- Motherís Day, Spring Token !
  • Next to the daily routine of homework and study, the children continued the creative workshops and also the recreational clubs, with the support of the volunteers who play an active part in all our initiatives

The main attraction for our young beneficiaries in January was playing with the games and toys they received from Santa!


One of the focuses of our activity is group work- either outdoors, learning to take turns in games, or indoors, studying together.


Both playing and studying are more fun when there are volunteers around, to join in (or mediate disagreements)


These are some of our works for Motherís Day. We hope the card is as beautiful as the thought inside the card, as a thank you to our mothers and grandmothers!

It has been a busy time these three months, and as the weather recently turned warm and sunny, we feel even more active and optimistic. We are looking forward to a spring full of events and positive experiences!