Our Partners


Fundatia de Sprijin Comunitar (FSC) :

FSC - The Community Support Foundation - are our principle partners whom we set up and have worked closely with since the early 1990's.

A recent evaluation quoted FSC as "The leading organization in the region providing an inspirational example and role model for other NGO's on how to develop services within a poor community".

Together we deliver vital services to thousands of beneficiaries. These range from the rural poor, the elderly sick at home, former children, the disabled and the disadvantaged, be they at home or in institutions.

We provide most of their core funding.

FSC have a progressive record in attracting local authority funding while preserving their operational independence. To quote again from an independent audit: " FSC are democratically organized and effectively run - they are effective promoters of the concept of community support".

FSC's current projects include:

…… outreach work, refuge and rehabilitation

Mobile Health Care
…… to isolated rural communities

Home Care of the Elderly
…… a care programme for the elderly infirm or disabled

Music, Art, Movement and Play Therapy
…… for the institutionalised children and adults with disability

Training programmes
……… training in home care, health promotion and arts therapy

Read one of FSC's typical project reports They send these to us every 3 months. This is to ensure our trustees and donors know details of exactly what is happening on the ground. We get these reports for every project we fund.



The Marie Curie Children's Hospital

Our work introduces high standards of nursing care and infection control measures in this leading children's hospital .



Non Romanian Partners

Where appropriate, we work with specialist organisations such as Action Space Mobile, Music as Therapy and the World Health Organisation to help bring specialist skills to Romania.


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