Our Previous Partners

Our work focuses on the principles of self-help.

Our mission has always been to leave our Romanian friends with the education and means to take the work forward with dignity and the ability to help their less fortunate neighbours.

We have worked with many Romanian groups and in particular have operated successful formal partnerships with the following:

FAST Brasov

For several years we helped to fund the core costs of FAST, the Foundation for Social Assistance and Youth, a dynamic young Romanian non-governmental organisation established in Brasov, the centre of Romania, by Daniel and Ema Hristea.

FAST's mission is to support the underprivileged people from Romania in their fight against poverty and discrimination.

Target Groups

-socially rejected children and youth
-large families and children at risk
-the elderly and other vulnerable groups
-needy people living in critical situations


-to improve the quality of life for underprivileged
children and other vulnerable groups in critical situations

-to reduce poverty and prevent child
abandonment in poor Roma communities

-to increase access to education for needy
children living in disadvantaged rural areas

-to promote the concept of voluntary work
amongst the youth of Romania

You can read all about their projects at https://www.fastcharity.ro


Therapy Through Art

This group aimed for the rehabilitation of children damaged through institutional life.

It trained carers in institutions to deliver therapeutic arts programmes. These programmes taught methods that value the individual and give them a personal voice.

We funded them for several years.


The Romanian National Tuberculosis programme:

...supervising and funding treatment and training reforms to combat the TB crisis in Romania.

We worked closely with the National Institute of Tuberculosis. Using our office equipment, internet data collection system, travel grants and operating funds, these leading Romanian experts re-trained health care workers and producing dramatic changes in TB services helping to avert a predicted TB epidemic.



We supported this leading mental health charity in Romania for several years with hot meals for a Day Centre which cares for adults with severe mental disability.

The meals were prepared and served by the beneficiaries themselves.

The training and service involved, plus the great benefit of healthy free meals to what is a very poor group, made this a great project that we were proud to be able to help.


Non Romanian Partners

Where appropriate, we have worked with specialist organisations such as Action Space Mobile, Music as Therapy and the World Health Organisation to help bring specialist skills to Romania.



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