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Bacau NE Romania

Citizen Advice Bureau
Quarterly Report


In the reported period we continued the activity of counselling and informing the citizens from Bacau District


- Offering services of counselling and informing to our beneficiaries within the Citizen Advice Bureau;

- Informing and counselling old people from Day Centre “ Dr. Stefan Ciobanu”.


In the reported period 210 beneficiaries received counselling through our bureau.


- A. Offering services of informing and counselling

In the reported period 210 beneficiaries received counselling through our bureau at our office from Bacau Town Hall and at “Speranta” Day Centre.

The fields of interest remains social assistance and civil rights and obligations, and the problems from these fields are: social accommodations, social help, complementary allocations and the allocations for single parents, emergency medical help, how to make requests to the People’s Advocate and to the CEDO.

- B. Working in the ANBCC network

ANBCC is launching a new project The Strategy of Development the Network of Points of Public Informing. The general objective of this component is to develop an efficient network of points of public informing in the areas affected by the restructuring mining sector. It will be founding 110 Public Informing Points in all the areas of intervention of ANDZM.

The points of Public Informing will be founded in the rural area and urban area as well in all the areas of intervention of ANDZM. These points will answer the needs of information identified among citizens (the advantaged and disadvantaged population identified in sociological research “Needs and methods of informing in mining areas”) and of course among Public Local Authorities and of possible beneficiaries/ partners of the project. Points of Public Informing will represent an efficient system of Public Informing, capable to assure the communication with local communities in mining area and a big transparency of the restructuring process.

For this contract will be hired 10 experts – Regional Coordinators of the network from Ploiesti, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Alba Iulia, Baia Mare, Petrosani, Câmpulung Moldovenesc/Gura Humorului, Bacau, Deva, Oradea, Râmnicu Vâlcea.

Meetings, visits

During this quarter, Mihaela Jalboaie participated to the „National Conference of O.N.G. supplier of services of occupying the vacancies” unfolded in Busteni.

Guests: 41 of ONGs suppliers of services of occupying the vacancies from Romania. Real participation: 37 of ONGs

Project promoter: Association Targoviste towards Europe
Partners: Foundation LUMINA Braila
Association Familial Help Pro Vita Sibiu
Citizen Advice Bureau for citizens from Cluj Napoca
Foundation PAEM for Fighting against Unemployment from Alba

General objective: to improve institutional and operational capacity of nongovernmental organizations which supplies services of occupying the vacancies from Romania regarding public visibility, credibility, responsibility and their support.

Goal: It was founded “THE NETWORK OF NONGOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS FOR OCCUPYING THE VACANCIES (RONOR), a federation of similar ONG’s from Romania, in order to promote the services of occupying vacancies gathering nongovernmental organizations from Romania and reinforcing their capacity to activate in this fields (occupying vacancies).

In order to achieve this target, RONOR wants:

1. to represent common interests of its members in occupying the vacancies field;
2. to supply its members with information regarding the services of occupying the vacancies and the possibilities to cooperate between RONOR members and international partners;
3. to offer educational and consultancy services for their members and interested citizens in occupying the vacancies fields;
4. to cooperate with public and central authorities and with other institutions in this field.;
5. to actively cooperate with international partners on themes regarding occupying the vacancies;
6. to promote the access of their members to the modalities of financing from EU;
7. to coordinate the activities and the projects which are common for the RONOR members in occupying the vacancies field.

At this conference it was voted RONOR Statute and it has been elected the members of the board of directors.

The board of directors is made from 7 members:

1. president – Andi Dojana , “Targoviste towards Europe” Association

2. vice-president – Alin Dumitru, PAEM Alba

3. members

– Tiberiu Baiu, PAEM Arad
- Anatolie Socolovschi, Association of Economical and Social Development, Arges
- Iuliana Pertescu, Association Forming, Development, Assistance - FORDA, Buzau
- Daniel Sorescu, Association of Communitarian Support Provident, Prahova
- Zoltan Balla, Foundation Himan Reform, Harghita

Mihaela Jalboaie and Mrs. Mariana from Pistruiatul participated at 2 sessions of training for the members of the new-made network.

The fields of training were management of European information regarding occupying vacancies, structural funds - European Social Fund, services of occupying in EU ( example of good European practice in occupying field) , monitoring the working market, etc.

Aspects regarding the staff

- We do not have any


- The network is not functioning;

- The data base from INFOBCC is still in progress.

Mihaela Jalboie


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