Here are some ideas on how your donations could help people in need in Romania

£3 a week


Funds 3 "Back to School Packs" a year (haircut, clothing, footwear,schoolbag and materials), enabling former children to start a new life with dignity. Give Now

£5 a week


Gets a specially trained art therapist to 10 severely disabled institutionalised children and adults in Romania. They would otherwise have very little love and care. Give Now

£7 a week


Is the cost of a week's food for a homeless child rescued from the streets and sewers, making a fresh start in our refuge for former children. Give Now

£10 a week


Maintains vital independence for an old, ill person by providing nursing and care in their own home. Give Now

We have over five thousand people who depend on us.

If you would like to find out how a different amount to those specified above could help please contact us

If you want to specify a project for your gift go to - or discuss it with us - please don't hesitate to contact us. Otherwise we will alllocate the money equally to our various dependants.



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