Stefan Ciobanu RIP

1967 - 2005

It is with immense sadness that we announce the death of our friend and colleague Dr Stefan Ciobanu of our partner charity in Romania Fundatia de Sprijin Comunitar (FSC). Stefan died in a car accident in Pitesti, near Brasov on 7/10/05. He was driving to visit and help a sick relative - a typical act of kindness - with his brother-in-law, when they were hit head-on by a van. Stefan's brother-in-law, Ovidiu Munteanu, also died.

Stefan was just 38 years old. He leaves behind a devoted wife, Ioana and son, Cosmin, who is 16. They were an extremely close family. He was a very good father.

Stefan joined us in 1997 as doctor with the Mobile Health Progamme in Bacau. He went on to start up and co-ordinate the Home Care of the Elderly Programme which he ran to an amazingly high standard, despite the lack of resources that are available in rural Romania.

Just last week Stefan sent us a report saying that the National Accreditation Commission had visited the project and remarked that the work was "unique in Romania as regards standards and dedication to the beneficiaries". This could well apply to Stefan himself - always devoted and dedicated to the good of the people served by FSC.

Stefan went on to become Executive Director of FSC. He campaigned tirelessly for good working partnerships with local and national authorities, other NGO's and local businesses. He was very proud that FSC were the first NGO in the region to become registered by national government departments as an accredited service provider. Stefan recently coordinated relief efforts for flood victims in the north east.

Stefan will be enormously missed by his loving family, by all his colleagues at FSC and the Relief Fund for Romania and by the thousands of beneficiaries who benefited from his personal intervention. He was a gentle, honourable and very kind soul with a lovely sense of fun. He remained calm and friendly at all times, notably when under pressure.

We can only be thankful that Stefan had such a productive, unselfish life. His kindness, patience and help for the less fortunate marked him out as an exceptional person.

His work will have untold good results in the future.

This is a blow not only for our partners, FSC, but the entire charity sector in Romania - in which Stefan - already highly regarded - was clearly going to be a major force for the good in the future.

If any one would like to make a donation for Stefan's family, including his sister, Magda, who has been doubly bereaved and is left on her own with a 12 year old son, you can do so here. Please let us know your donation is in Stefan's memory by telling us here.

May he rest in peace

Stefan Ciobanu
Charity Worker; Family Man; Friend to the poor and needy


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