Tuberculosis/ TB in Romania

Please note that this is a legacy project that we are no longer active with. We are leaving it online for the record

TB is the biggest infectious killer disease in the world and it is on the increase. We are facing a global emergency which seldom hits the headlines.

Romania has the highest tuberculosis rate in Europe.

Its chief victims are young adults many of whom are men who are usually the breadwinners for their extended Romanian families.

So it doesn't just affect its immediate victims. TB also threatens the well being of thousands of children.

Despite this, we seem to be the only aid group seriously funding the fight against TB in Romania.

Romania has the worst incidence of TB in Europe. It has 30,000 active cases a year. (Albania has 600...)

We are working with the WHO to improve cure rates, especially in the poorest rural areas, by ensuring local doctors are adequately trained and motivated to fight the spread of this terrible disease.

... the Ministry of Health have recieved financial and technical support from the World Bank, the Relief Fund for Romania and WHO...

Harvard Medical School / Open Society Institute
Review of TB Control Programmes

We fund the national coordination of the current TB training and treatment programme in Romania, by working directly with The National Institute of Tuberculosis (The Romanian government's health budget has been too low to meaningfully address the problems of training and data collection).

Using our office equipment, internet data collection system, travel grants and operating funds, the leading Romanian experts are re-training the health care workers and producing dramatic changes in TB services.

The good news is that cure rates have risen significantly. However, much work remains to be done to ensure this terrible, debilitating disease is beaten.


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Tuberculosis / TB in Romania