Trimestrial raport
January - March 2013


I. Current activities for children

Tutoring and helping children with homework, socializing activities, recreational activities, club activities : music club, art and crafts, visual arts, english, sport and dance activities in the following centers:

  • *Day center "Mozaic",
  • "Clubul cu Lipici" within the "Domnita Maria" school
  • "Residential center for children" , of D.G.A.S.P.C-ului, Pro Familia "Bistrita si Pro Familia Strand", Emergency center "Morcoveata" ( new project)

II. Current activities for adults and elders

Counseling and support given to pacients (transportating the pacient from one section to another, helping the imobilised pacients to serve the meal, different shopping, paying bills, helping with the chores around the house, etc.). Projects in which these activities are developed are :

  • Bacau Hospital, section: Neurology si Orthopedy
  • Program of house carring

III. Current activities for foundraising

Volunteers are involved:

  • in creation workshop ( handmade jewelry, diverse decorative objects, etc.)
  • in selling the products obtained from the workshop ( participating in markets held in big comercial centers, or highschools.



a) Campaign

  This year the volunteers were mobilised like no other year. In first phase, the volunteers were trained by a specialist from Raiffaisen bank! 
Then, 6 teams of volunteers were spread across the city adressing the shop sellers or citizens who were in the shops, pharmacies, etc.

Also, volunteers were present in Aren Mall, where they adresseed the people who were there while volunteers and children from Clubul cu lipici offered a dance and music concert.

Untill now the volunteers managed to raise 420 files with 2%.

b) „Handmade” creational workshop

  This year, an impressive number of volunteers were allocated for accomplishing the order made by Kaufland. Over 10000 cubes were assembled by volunteers. 
   Boy volunteers and scholars have worked and prepaired wooden cubes to be decorated.

c) Training for initiating new volunteers


In this period 4 training sessions were organised for almost 80 new volunteers.

They were oriented towards suitable activity for their ability and desire.


d) Team building for volunteers from "Activ Mozaic" project

  In February, 25 volunteers benefited from a week-end in the comunity center from Fantanele as a reward for the results from the fairs organised in 2013. They made games, they cooked, there were activities regarding team building and cohesion between volunteers. 

e) FSC part of National Groupe of Work – Volunteering law

The objectives of Natioanl Groupe of Work are:

  1. Creating documents support/law annex
  2. Promoting benefits through events throughout the country(preferably SNV)
  3. Partnership with institutions which can support corectly the promotion of the new law of volunteering.

In this purpose, the FSC volunteer coordinato, issued in this period ducuments regarding the certification of the volunteers(the volunteer’s portofolio)

January-March quarter indicator

  • 194 volunteers
  • 10 projects in wich were involved:
  • 7 colleges/highschool partners
  • ~320 de beneficiaries
  • 6984 hours of volunteering


In February, we were visited by 3 english volunteers, from L.I.F.E fundation to plan and visit educational centers from the rural area in which they will be involved this summer.


  1. Involving volunteers in social projects that target the help for disadvantaged persons in Bacau.
  2. 2% campaign
  3. Cleaning campaign, whose purpose is sanitizing the houses of at least 10 beneficiers(immobilized old persons) within SIC program.
  4. Organizing the National Volunteering’s Week
  5. Organizing a celebration for the XII grade students-"Graduation day"
  6. The selection of the volunteers for the Summer School.

Gabriel Magurianu
Program coordinator


Mozaic – March tale

Like in any other day of Wednesday, after I have finished the classes, I was getting ready to go to the "Mozaic" Center. One of the volunteers who was already at the there, called me as I was heading to the place where I spend hours and hours in the company of the children. She aked me to hurry up because she just couldn’t keep up with all the children and she needed some help. The one that was causing so many problems was Alexander, a 4th grade pupil, very smart, but also very naughty. As it was the middle of the week, fatigue was felted by all of us and in Alex’s case, this factor manifested with focusing problems and ignorance for homework in the favor of childish games and jokes. A week before, I had been doing homework with him for about 2 hours, taking some breaks from time to time, and according some interes in problems that weren’t necesseraly related to school, problems like what he has been doing at home, if he behaved properly, what games he had discovered lately, whether he has been whatching TV or he went outside to spend some time with his friends. This meeting allowed me to get closer to him, and the feeling was mutual, so like that, we started a geat friendship fullfield with trust.

When I heared from my volunteer collegue that he wasn’t behaving and he even refused to do his homework, I felt pretty dissapointed - I have to admit.

I just wanted to get to the center as soon as possible, to find what has happened. When I finally got there, Alex jumped in my arms, and on a warm voice, he told me „Vlad, can you help me with my homework, please?” . For one whole hour, Alex embodied the most dutiful children, proving that he has learnt everything that I taught him the previous week .This little thing made me feel proud, and when I had to leave, I explained that I would prefer he was behaving this nice to all the volunteers, even when I am not around. He promised he would do as I said.

In that very moment, I felt truly usefull and I figured out what means to be the friend of somebody that really needs your help.

Vlad Braga



Volunteering at the hospital is, in my opinion, the project that helps the most. I don’t say this because that’s what I’ve heard, or because that’s what my colleagues said, or because it's simply at a hospital.

I say this because every week I meet people who, although they are sick and not in a very good condition, they need a few words to boost their morale. As usual, in another Thursday, I went to the hospital. As in all women salons were already volunteers, visitors or nurses, I got into the men salons, where I met a man who made me feel truly useful. I started talking to that man that was about 70-80 years old, being very sick and, as said, abandoned by his family.

I think I listened to his story three times, each time with the same calm and a bigger smile, because that is the true medicine that they really need. At one point, he said that he doesn’t want to live anymore. That’s where I lost all my thoughts and I realized how serious the situation was. But I got lost inside, I didn’t let it show.

Honestly, I did not know what I did, what I said , but I know that in the end, before leaving , he thanked me and told me something I will never forget : "I want to get well and go home". Then I understood how important our project is, how important we are and what an impact we have on people who have lost themselves because of hardships. We are, indeed, "angels in white coats" and we must assume this role because kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.